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Media innovation empowers news organizations to achieve editorial independence and financial sustainability

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Local News Accelerator

The Local News Accelerator supports digital innovation in local journalism’s editorial and business models.

Grow your media and your audience

A four-month programme to help organizations build the foundations for a sustainable local media business.


Transition Accelerator

A joint initiative empowering newsrooms to achieve editorial independence and financial sustainability

Media needs to grow fast

The Transition Accelerator is part of the Media Innovation Europe (MIE) project, co-funded by the European Commission.

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Revenue Roadmap

A tool for leaders in journalism to ideate, rethink and develop solutions to future-proof their media’s editorial strategy

Innovation in-depth

The Roadmap introduces methods and tools to support innovation strategies for your media organization.

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The Local Journalism Project

How journalism is innovating to find sustainable ways to serve local communities around the world

Local journalism matters

Take a look at out efforts to help local journalism by providing knowledge and suggestion actions

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Check out our Innovation Network

Join us in the Local News & Innovation Network and stay ahead of new trends and discussions

Media needs to grow fast

Connect and share with media innovators and local news practitioners from around the world.

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Media Innovation Festival

Through the festival, we promote and engage a community of media innovators

An event for innovators

IPI is building communities to help find creative solutions through knowledge sharing and innovation

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What is innovation at IPI?

We promote innovation in journalism by fostering new digital tools and strategies to enhance investigative reporting and audience engagement.

    Support local media outlets in creating sustainable models of trusted journalism.
    Grow the wealth of knowledge and experience that the IPI network offers to build a community of practice and support and learn from alumni and project participants.
    We prioritize projects that are digital-first and build new and engaging ways to interact with audiences.
    Building diversified revenue models that allow media companies to be sustainable and independent.
    We help existing newsrooms pivot their business and technology to remain relevant and meet long-term goals.
    Empower media to play a watchdog role against democratic decline, serve audiences with relevant content and fill information gaps in news deserts.

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