Media organizations have always rallied around a clear mission and values. More and more, niche, segment-specific media are finding ways to grow and achieve sustainability. How are entrepreneurs establishing and scaling media with a feminist and inclusive mission? We dissect how to create a business grounded in feminist and inclusive values and the challenges of attracting readers from outside your community. Learn about relationship building across communities and success stories of feminist media and collectives in Kenya, Nepal, Brazil, Serbia and El Salvador.

(M) Izabela Moi
Co-Founder and CEO, Agencia Mural, Brazil

Laura Aguirre
Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Projects, Alharaca, El Salvador

Catherine Gicheru
Director, AWJP, Kenya

Bhrikuti Rai
Co-Founder, Boju Bajai, Nepal

Aldina Salkanović
Journalist, Women’s Forum Prijepolje, Serbia

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