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About the network

Looking for hands-on advice and meaningful conversations with fellow independent media professionals? Join our global network dedicated to helping you connect, find expertise, share trials and successes, and stay up to date on the best media opportunities!

The Local News & Innovation Network brings together media innovators, news professionals, and startups from every corner of the globe. At a time of unprecedented disruption in the media space, we are building a community to innovate, share, network, support and learn from one another. We aim to develop a global community that can project a strong global voice for independent media when and where it is needed. 

To get started, learn about our participation criteria, review our code of conduct and apply following the steps detailed below.

Engage in the Local News & Innovation Network 

  • Join the Conversation. Take an active role in the conversations happening within various channels of the Local News & Innovation Network. Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences related to local news, media innovations and public interest media. 
  • Ask for Expert and Peer Feedback. Have you developed a new product in your newsroom? Would you like to hear the thoughts from industry experts? Ask for feedback and receive mentorship support from the community. 
  • Share your Projects, Events and Webinars. Are you organizing or have you come across the events on media innovation, local news, public interest media and other topics that are relevant to the network? Spread the word in the community and encourage others to take part! 
  • Stay up to date with Funding Opportunities. Stay updated on potential financial resources for your projects. Collaborate with other network members to find joint (cross-border) funding applications or partnerships.
  • Learn from Country and Thematic Experts. Gain contextual knowledge on media and political developments in different countries by participating in discussions, asking specific questions about the countries and issues of interest, and getting insight from members with diverse backgrounds.
  • Receive Peer-to-Peer Support. We encourage you to share your expertise, provide advice, and offer assistance to the members who seek guidance or have concrete problems to solve. 
  • You are a media innovator or local news professional. Alongside editors and journalists, our network unites media product managers, funders, experts, media researchers and analysts.
  • You work in or support independent journalism and advocate for press freedom and the free flow of information.
  • You are deeply committed to community-focused collaborative journalism. Network members need to have a strong desire to share their stories, both successes and failures, and learn from one another.
  1. Click on the application link above and fill in the short application form.
  2. After IPI has vetted your application, you will receive an email invitation to the network.
  3. Slack will prompt you to download/open its desktop app, or open the browser version and then log in.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation code from Slack and punch it in. 
  5. Accept the invitation and click “Join” next to the “Innovation and Local News Network” workspace. 
  • We apply a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bullying and discrimination.
  • Be polite and respectful of other members’ work and transparent about your own. 
  • NO product sales or other sales spam. 
  • NO political debate without a journalistic angle and fact-checking
  • When learning and getting inspired from people in the network, attribute appropriately and give credit where credit is due. 
  • There are no stupid questions, and everyone has something useful to share. We encourage you to be open and curious about tricky questions in this exciting industry.
  • All members must respect confidentiality and avoid sharing sensitive information without consent. We are especially committed to protecting the safety of peers working in politically challenging environments. 

Any violations may result in the removal of the respective member from the platform.

These rules make the network better for all of us. By signing up to the network, you agree to follow them.

With the research conducted in the IPI Global Network, we found just what support publishers and innovators need to tackle the challenges of serving local audiences.

  • First, we look at the emerging lessons on the conditions and actions that are helping create trusted, sustainable local news organizations in the IPI Report Around The Corner, Around The World: Reviving Local News, Globally
  • Second, we bring research-based survival strategies into our work for local news worldwide with the Local Media Survival Guide 2022. The main idea is present in multiple newsrooms: on the demand side, local communities have been information-poor, which offers vast opportunities for digital innovation; and on the supply side, digital natives are taking up the challenge by engaging local communities throughout the entire journalistic process.

The Local News & Innovation Network is one of the key ways to cross-pollinate ideas and experiences, and support innovation and sustainability in local newsrooms. Here is where we connect global and local news professionals to promote the exchange of know-how across borders.

Existing members can recommend a new network member to IPI anytime by DMing Alina (Cristea) in the Slack Channel or by emailing [email protected]

IPI’s Local News Network is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.


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