How journalism is innovating to find sustainable ways to serve local communities around the world and fight against misinformation

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Local Media Survival Guide 2022: Case Studies

Case Studies 2022

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IPI is mapping and sharing globally how quality local media outlets are creating sustainable models of trusted journalism and countering misinformation in their communities.

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Ukraine’s ABO: Defending local journalism amid upheaval of war

Local and national media outlets continue to play a crucial role for Ukrainians during the…

Don’t mess with our money

Ojoconmipisto is a digital media project combining public spending surveillance, journalis…

In South Africa, an audience-centred future for proud local journalism

In two of South Africa’s poorest provinces where rural communities lack infrastructure a…

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Case Study: Convoca (Peru)

Local Journalism Project Case Study: Convoca (Peru)   The backstory: Convoca was born…

Case Study: The Centrum Media (Pakistan)

Local Journalism Project Case Study: The Centrum Media (Pakistan)   The backstory: Ce…

Case Study: The News Minute (India)

Local Journalism Project Case Study: The News Minute (India)   The backstory: Founded…


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Turkey Online Master Class: Engagement and Trust in Journalism (Aug. 22, 2022)

One of the most enduring challenges that Turkish independent journalism faces is distrust.…

Rule of Law in decline: Media freedom in Hungary and Poland (July 19, 2022)

Following the publication of the European Commission’s annual Rule of Law Report, the Me…

IPI at RightsCon 2022 (June 9, 2022)

The International Press Institute (IPI) is proud to take part in the 11th edition of the w…

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