Media Innovation Europe, a series of innovation support activities for independent media based in Europe, makes learning resources available to the public and innovation community of practice

To get the most out of the training resources, you may follow the videos in a sequence or view them individually.


Membership Media Models and Crowdfunding

Richard Höchner, co-founder,  Republik (Switzerland)

As specialist in membership models and crowdfunding campaigns, Richard speaks about community building and community management, identifying key communities for success (e.g. multiplicators, premium supporters, etc.), building membership models with clear value propositions for key communities, event and community benefits strategy, designing online interactions with supporters/members and/or readers and more


Scaling Your Podcast Department

Basia Cummings, partner, Tortoise Media (United Kingdom)

Cummings, partner and editor at London-based Tortoise Media, explains how they launched a podcast department within a membership organization and scaled it to become their most prominent form of storytelling. Cummings walks through the basics of editorial strategy and building technology to support audio products useful for media companies of any size.


Product Canvas and Product Thinking

Klaus Weinmaier, Founder, The Engagement Lab (AT)

In the first part of the session, we will talk about what actually makes a good product and why especially media organizations have to develop a product mindset. This Product Thinking, a function at the intersection of editorial, tech, and business ensures all products really address user needs. Product Thinking also changes the culture of an organization into a collaborative and iterative product culture.


Digital Marketing and Newsletter Monetization

Youva Bouzidi, product development and marketing expert (France)

Learn everything you need to know to get started with digital marketing strategy and managing social media for your media company.


How to Build a Membership Model

András Pethő, founder and CEO, Direkt36 (Hungary)

Péter Nádori, COO, Direkt36 (Hungary)

Learn everything you need to know to get started with your media membership model, including both the strategic questions of serving your audience, operating in a context under threat and the technology behind a membership business model.


Innovation in the Newsroom – How to Stay Ahead in the Digital Age

Sabrina Argoub, programme manager, JournalismAI (Italy)

Ryan Powell, product and innovation manager, IPI (Austria)

Mite Kuzevski, founder, Vidi Vaka (Albania)

Vladimir Trkulja, tech and business expert (Serbia)

With the wave of discussions, dilemmas and worry that the introduction of Chat GPT created across the industry, media organisations suddenly started thinking about whether technology has become a threat to their jobs. But, artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative practices in the newsroom are not new, not a distant future dream.


Podcast Monetization: Strategies and Best Practices

Jakub Górnicki, co-founder, Outriders (Poland)

Our webinar aims to answer this question by providing current and future podcasters with insights, best practices, and strategies to succeed in this field. We will be joined by experienced podcasters who will explore the current state of podcasting in the region and the potential for growth. We will introduce different monetisation models available for podcasters and discuss the pros and cons of each model, providing best practices and tips for podcasters to monetise their content effectively.


How can newsrooms engage with younger audiences?

Marina Zec, Oblakoder

Norbert Šinković, media expert

Lorin Kadiu, Citizens Channel

How can newsrooms overcome this gap? Are there instructions or tools media organisations can use to make the process less turbulent? What content do the young media consumers expect from sources of information and where do they access it?

In search for answers, we are bringing you a discussion between media organisations from the Western Balkans that are founded by and for young people, as well as an expert in audience engagement and media development.


Revenue streams for media outlets – Are donations a sustainable business model? 

Jelena Ožegović (Serbia)

David Quin, managing director, Thomson Media (Germany)

Vladimir Trkulja, business expert (Serbia)

Vitomir Ognjanović, co-founder, Juzne Vesti (Serbia)

Tamás Bodoky, editor-in-chief, átlátszó (Hungary)

Are donations and grants an actual business model that can be utilized long term, or just a way to raise capacity, learn things, and what are the pros and cons of various business models? We talk about all of these, with our guests and experts on this webinar.