IPI is a community of media professionals from more than 100 countries. We support one another whenever our right to work freely is threatened.

From Istanbul to Cairo to Washington, press freedom and independent journalism are under attack around the world. The challenges that we as journalists face are immense: assassination, jailing, digital harassment and growing attempts by governments to delegitimise our work and turn us into the enemy. To face these challenges, we must stand together.

Today, we’re inviting you to join our community. Become an IPI member and strengthen our voice. 

We are #StrongerTogether. 




Turkey’s press is under siege. IPI is there. 

After IPI members were thrown into jail for their work, our global network rallied to their defence. We’re with them at trial; we’re organising solidarity visits, events and demonstrations; we’re collecting messages of support from around the world as part of our #FreeTurkeyJournalists campaign.


The Post: Shut down for its critical reporting.

Just three weeks after Zambia’s government closed The Post newspaper, an IPI corporate member, an IPI mission travelled to the country in protest. We’re now helping The Mast, The Post’s successor to stay free, and standing together with the rest of Zambia’s independent press.


Today’s journalists face vicious abuse and threats online.

IPI is a pioneer in researching and monitoring online harassment and its effect on the free flow of news.
Today we’re focusing on institutional, legal and psychological help for victims and on coordinating a united response to a growing phenomenon.

Since 1950, the IPI network has offered solidarity in the face of repression. Our members – journalists like you – stand with one another to protect the media’s right to report freely and without fear.