Latest Multimedia on Journalist Safety and Impunity

#IPIWoCo2016 Panel: Obligations & Responsibilities of Media Towards Citizen Journalists

The transition from citizen journalist to Al Jazeera correspondent led to more than just a steady paycheck for Ammar Al Haj. It also led to his eventual capture by the Islamic State group. At the beginning of the uprising in Syria, Al Haj spent most of his time relaying information from his position on the […]

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#IPIWoCo2016 Panel: Digital Journalism – Is the Internet Really a Safer Place?

“Ten years ago, the Russian segment of the World Wide Web,, was the most free place in the world for independent journalism and social media,” Galina Timchenko, editor-in-chief of Riga-based Russian-language online newspaper Meduza, said during a panel titled “Digital Journalism – Is the Internet Really a Safer Place?” at the International Press Institute […]

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