We are excited to launch a new IPI Global Network initiative to host virtual newsroom visits for a world-wide IPI audience of newsroom leaders. This series will bring you inside our members’ newsrooms to discuss with them the strategies they have developed and what has worked.

We want to share the lessons newsroom leaders are learning as they navigate through the digital transformation. It’s about levelling up the floor of the industry’s understanding and knowledge and creating opportunities for newsroom wisdom to flow between countries and continents, and for niche digital expertise, on everything from business models, product and audience, to new journalism formats, to be shared so we are all able to do the best journalism we can for our communities.


While all newsroom visits will be different, our conversations will cover the key areas of innovation:

  • The journalism: How is it changing? What new formats are working? Data, AI, disinformation. How does that impact staffing, training, employment, etc?
  • The product: How is the journalism product changing? And why? Podcasts? Newsletters? Social media? 
  • Audience: How do we understand their needs? How do you reach (new) audiences? And how do you get them to come back to you?
  • The business model: How might we build sustainable businesses to support quality journalism? What’s working? Diversifying revenues beyond subscriptions, membership and advertising.

Number of participants

We’ll open these virtual newsroom visits to a small group of around 15 newsroom leaders, each working through their own digital transition challenges, for a broad conversation with the host organization about how we are facing up to the challenges of the moment. 


Each visit will last approximately 75 minutes and will be facilitated for ample time for open conversation and questions.




Interested in joining? Write to us here to let us know what you are interested in and to register your interest. Get in early to secure your place.


Who can participate? 

Tours are open to everybody, but given the limited number of places available, IPI members will be given priority.