The Monitor has always been different: the oldest U.S.-based international non-profit news organization, early to “digital first”, deep into an audience-centred focus. The result right now is thoughtful, global coverage daily online and weekly in a print magazine.

Its journalism is based on one big question: How can journalism help fuel human progress? It’s a profoundly hopeful perspective that The Monitor has been bringing to its audiences for more than 113 years. 

Digital first since 2009, it’s learnt by doing great journalism, connecting with audiences, finding the right products and creating stability for the organization. A design sprint in 2017 saw a shift to an innovation, audience-focused culture and the launch of a subscriptions model and suite of products to serve their unique brand of journalism.

During the IPI’s newsroom visit with The Monitor  we talked about their experiments with audio, events, audience engagement, their subscriptions model and ensuring their journalism is relevant to a growing audience.

Our hosts:

* Amelia Newcomb, Managing Editor
* Mark Sappenfield, Editor
* Clayton Collins, Director of Editorial Innovation
* David Scott, Audience Engagement Editor

Video Recording