Opportunity to meet the people who are leading some of the most innovative newsrooms, hear how they innovate with solutions to the challenges we all face and swap insights with colleagues around the world. 

IPI’s newsroom visit to Aftenposten (Norway)

Norway’s Aftenposten has a global reputation as a forward thinking media organisation that has crossed over from advertising to reader revenues through subscriptions. The largest printed newspaper in the country has transitioned to now be sustainable as a purely digital media and has grown its audience with younger Norwegians.  

It didn’t happen by accident. It called for a deep transformation in digital, business, culture and operations through a culture of experimentation.

In this virtual visit, we have looked at how they’re thinking about the challenges for journalism today from the responsibility of reporting on the pandemic and vaccines to managing the return of journalists to the office later this year.

Our hosts:

* Trine Eilertsen, Editor-in-Chief
* Karl Oskar Teien, Director of Product


* Aftenposten – profile, mission, transformation and business model (video)


* How we build digital products: The ingredients of a front page project (pdf file + video below ↓)

Video Recording: