Meet the people who are leading some of the most innovative newsrooms, hear how they innovate with solutions to the challenges we all face and swap insights with colleagues around the world. 

Neue Zürcher Zeitung is a German-language daily newspaper, published by NZZ Mediengruppe in Zürich. Last year it broke through to 200,000 paying subscribers off the back of its quality journalism and digital pay model. 

It didn’t happen by accident. It demanded a deep transformation in digital, business, culture and operations through a culture of innovation.


This virtual visit is great opportunity to learn how they got there, through products (like must-read newsletters and a multi-channel NZZ Briefing), bringing their audiences along on each step of the journey and innovation processes in publishing – and how they measure success to know exactly where they’re up to! 

Our hosts

* Sigrun Albert, Chief Product Officer
* Silvia Di Gianfrancesco, Head of User Experience
* Eva Günther, Head of Innovation Management
* Manuel Maisch, Innovations Manager
* Alexander Mühlbach, Product Manager Newsletters/Podcast



NZZ: A User Centered Success Story by Silvia Di Gianfrancesco, Head of User Experience (click here)

Innovation (Management) at NZZ  by Eva Günther, Head of Innovation Management and Manuel Maisch, Innovations Manager (click here)