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New Finnish project brings journalists to schools to teach media literacy

When it comes to “fake news”, disinformation and hate speech, most media experts agree that a greater degree of media literacy and public trust in professional news media outlets are viable means to curb some of the most negative effects of the phenomenon. Last autumn, a project called Faktana, kiitos! – roughly translated as Facts, […]

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Finland remains resistant to ‘fake news’, disinformation

The “fake news” phenomenon and the accompanying discussion about its definition, sources and goals have become increasingly common in Finland over the past two years, but journalists and media experts say that a self-regulating media landscape and a reasonably high degree of public trust in the country’s media have provided much-needed resistance to negative effects. […]

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Finnish police search journalist’s home following article on military intelligence

The International Press Institute (IPI) today expressed concern over the extreme actions taken by Finnish police authorities following the release of a controversial article in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. Police searched the Helsinki home of Helsingin Sanomat journalist Laura Halminen late on Sunday night. Halminen is one of two authors of an article on the signals intelligence facility […]

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Journalists in Finland face ‘unprecedented’ levels of online abuse

Finnish journalist Linda Pelkonen can still remember the feeling of fear. “I thought these people were out of their minds and that they would come and find me,” she said, recounting a wave of online harassment against her in 2015 in a recent interview with the International Press Institute (IPI). So Pelkonen could empathise strongly […]

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