The IPI global network today expressed horror and sadness at the death of award-winning American filmmaker Brent Renaud in Ukraine and called for justice for his killing and an end to all attacks on press covering the war.

Renaud, 51, was killed when the car he and another journalist were travelling in near Irpin outside of Kyiv came under fire shortly after they had passed a checkpoint. Renaud was shot in the neck and died at the scene, according to media reports and Ukrainian officials.

A second U.S journalist, photographer Juan Arredondo, also suffered gunshot wounds and was rushed to hospital. Details of the killing were not immediately clear, though initial media reports and Kyiv’s chief of police said the car had come under fire from Russian troops.

“IPI and our global network are horrified by the tragic killing of American journalist and filmmaker Brent Renaud in Ukraine”, IPI Deputy Director Scott Griffen said. “We mourn his loss and send our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. While more light must be shed on the circumstances, IPI condemns in the strongest terms the lack of regard for civilian life and demands that those responsible for Renaud’s unjustifiable killing face justice. International condemnation for this appalling attack on journalists should be swift.

“This war is taking an increasingly bloody toll on innocent victims, including Ukrainian citizens and courageous journalists on the ground who are risking their lives to make sure the world is informed about what is happening. Even in the fog of war, journalists can never be legitimate targets and all efforts should be taken to minimize risks to civilian life. We renew our demand for all attacks and acts of violence against the press to be halted immediately. No more journalists in Ukraine should be killed while simply doing their job.”

The journalists had reportedly been documenting refugees fleeing across a bridge from an area near Irpin. The car they were travelling in passed a checkpoint and was then shot at. Although the driver tried to turn around, the gunfire did not stop and the journalists were hit. It was not immediately clear whether the car had PRESS insignia.

Renaud had worked as a filmmaker and photographer for different U.S media including NBC and VICE News and had reported in the past from war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. Renaud had previously contributed to the New York Times but was not on assignment at the time. The journalist often worked with his brother, with whom he has won several awards.

Renaud is the second media worker to be killed since the invasion of Ukraine, after Ukrainian camera operator Yevhenii Sakun was killed on March 1 during precision strikes by Russian forces on Kyiv TV Tower, which also left four others dead.