Journalism at a Turning Point (c) Alexander Eugen Koller SARAJEVO, MAY 22-24, 2024 Navigating Crises:
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The Venue

The 2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival will be held at the historic Hotel Holiday, formerly the Holiday Inn. Beyond its luxurious beginnings during the 1984 Winter Olympics, this venue later became a vital bastion for the media during the tumultuous siege of Sarajevo in the 1990s. Throughout the conflict, the hotel stood resilient as a central hub for journalists covering the war and offering a unique perspective on the unfolding events. Strategically positioned in the city center, the Holiday Inn endured shelling and direct hits but remained an enduring symbol of Sarajevo’s spirit. Against this historic backdrop, the Hotel Holiday will serve as a meaningful home to the 2024 IPI World Congress, where journalists from across the globe will once again gather within its walls.


Hotel Holiday
Zmaja od Bosne 4, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Please write to reservation[at] to reserve your room.

  • Single room: 132,00 KM / 67,49 EUR per night (40% special discount applied)
  • Double room: 156,00 KM / 79,76 EUR per night (40% special discount applied)

The price includes overnight, breakfast and VAT 17%; Residence tax and insurance are not included in the price of accommodation and amount to 2.50 BAM per person and per day; Supplement for half board 30,00 BAM / 15,34 EUR per person (price doesn’t include drinks) Use of pool and fitness center is free of charge. Wi-Fi internet connection is free of charge. Parking for all guests (including buses) is free of charge.

Interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival? Write to Grace Linczer at glinczer[at]ipi[dot]media for more information.

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