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Photojournalist Borut Živulovič hospitalised covering violent protests in Slovenia

The International Press Institute (IPI) today condemned acts of violence towards journalists and media workers covering protests in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana last night and called for thorough police investigations to identify those responsible. On November 5, 2020, photojournalist Borut Živulovič, who works as a photographer for the agency Bobo and a freelancer for Reuters, was […]

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COVID-19 pandemic adds to Hungary’s transparency woes

Zur deutschen Version At a time of a global health crisis, it is vital that citizens have access to reliable and timely reporting. Honest and transparent official communication directed towards a vibrant and free media ecosystem could result in a balanced flow of information that raises awareness, increases public trust in the measures aimed to […]

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Baltic media, reinvigorated in their mission, buckle up for tough ride under COVID-19

Zur deutschen Version Just when it seemed that media outlets in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania had stabilized their financial situation and were growing their revenues, the pandemic struck. The lockdown accelerated the digital transformation of larger media companies, while at the same time highlighting the vulnerabilities of smaller and regional media […]

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Rush to pass ‘fake news’ laws during Covid-19 intensifying global media freedom challenges

By IPI Advocacy Officer Jamie Wiseman Few terms have become so engrained in global political discourse in the last half decade than that of so-called “fake news.” The widely used yet ill-defined phrase has become a messy shorthand enveloping everything from social media rumours, to online political disinformation, to state-sponsored internet propaganda. With vastly different […]

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