• Still over 120 journalists in jail  in Turkey
• Over 100 terror-related investigations opened since Turkey’s incursion into Syria
• Fair trial principles routinely breached
• New efforts to stifle online media
• Is the judicial reform strategy a sham or an opportunity?
• How should the EU respond?

The International Press Institute (IPI) recently led a press freedom mission to Turkey, where over 120 journalists are currently jailed and hundreds more face prosecution following the failed military coup of July 2016. A central concern was the systemic failure of the judicial system to provide justice to those caught up in the post-coup backlash and charged with terrorism offences. The Turkish government has responded to universal criticism of a cowed and compromised judiciary by introducing a judicial reform package that, in the mission’s view, fails to sufficiently address the central obstacles to justice and free expression.

Over two days in Brussels, the mission members will present their findings to leaders and policy makers in the European Commission and the European Parliament and hold discussions on how the EU can best engage to support the plight of Turkey’s journalists. The public launch of the mission report will take place at 18:00 at the Brussels Press Club on November 18 where speakers from the mission and leading journalists from Turkey will testify on the plight of journalists in the country and debate the opportunities for European engagement to support freedom of expression in Turkey.

Join leading journalists from Turkey and representatives of the coalition of freedom of expression groups and Alice Kuhnke, Swedish MEP for the Greens and critic of Turkey’s human rights failings, for an evening’s debate co-hosted by IPI and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) on the persecution of Turkey’s journalists and the opportunities for action by the European Union.

Panelists include:
Leading journalists from Turkey: Nevşin Mengü and Bülent Mumay
International Press Institute (IPI): Scott Griffen
Member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Greens: Alice Kuhnke
Moderated by Tom Gibson, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

This event is supported by the eight organizations that participated in the international press freedo mission to Turkey: IPI, CPJ, ARTICLE 19, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, the European Federation of Journalists, Norwegian PEN, PEN International and Reporters without Borders.