IPI’s call for applications to our New Media Incubator is now closed. Many thanks to the news startups that applied; we appreciate the time and thought that went into your applications! The independent jury, made up of experts in media innovation, will review all applications and you will be informed of the outcome by 28 July. A public announcement will be made at a later date.

In total, we received 78 applications from 25 countries, and we were delighted by not only the number of news startups that showed interest, but also by the strength and diversity of the applications.

IPI’s New Media Incubator is part of Media Innovation Europe, a project offering funding and coaching for different types of media organizations to support them on a path to sustainability through innovation. 

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The New Media Incubator is for startups that have a clear understanding of who their audience is or could be and have the skills, team, diversity and commitment to independence necessary to deliver an ambitious project. It focuses on creating a foundation for sustainable growth with diverse revenues and continuous experimentation. The programme affords a runway of six months to launch or double down on an existing product. 

The startups will take part in a six-month programme developing their business prototype, incorporating coaching, a two-day bootcamp and additional networking opportunities. The project proposals involve innovative editorial, business and product ideas that are prepared to invest in user research, community engagement and diversifying revenue models.

In the past, we have supported newsrooms developing digital audio offerings in response to the displacement of their community and technical infrastructure due to war, the launch of membership models, new onboarding platforms to increase engagement and improve retention from the start of a user’s relationship and more. 

We will announce the successful applicants on the IPI website shortly and will share updates from our participants throughout the journey.

If you have questions about the incubator or IPI’s innovation work, please email [email protected]