Stories published by IPI’s partner media organisation in Bangladesh as part of the South Asia Cross-border Journalism Project:

IDEI: Killings of Journalists: Justice a mirage as impunity prevails → Read more here.

Other stories published between October 2020 and November 2021

DSA Cases Studied in last 20 months: Only two out of 668 disposed of → Read more here.

Personal Data Protection Law: Door ajar for misuse → Read more here.

Rogue IPTVs on the prowl → Read more here.

Golam Sarwar’s ordeal: An unsettling message for journalists → Read more here.

Predatory corporatisation of the media : Why strengthening the institution of ‘the editor’ is vital → Read more here.

Killings, attacks and intimidation: Journalism under fire across borders → Read more here.

Separated by borders, united through stories of online abuse  Read more here.

Scars of torture all over him : Cartoonist Kishore describes his ordeal to The Daily Star hours after getting out on bail → Read more here.

Digital Security Act: Misused to muzzle dissent → Read more here.

“All I ever wanted was my father to be back home” → Read more here.

It felt like I was in a grave’ → Read more here.

To mark World Press Freedom Day, IPI’s media partners in the South Asia Cross-border journalism project in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal have documented several press freedom violations in their countries.  These stories are published in all the five news publications – The Daily Star, The Week, Dawn, Republica and Nagarik.