Two Argentinean journalists were killed in Brazil while on assignment covering the Wold Cup.

Argentinean journalist, María Soledad Fernández, 26, was instantly killed as a result of a car accident taken place on July 2 in the state of Minas Gerais, according to Brazilian daily Folha de São Paulo. The journalist was travelling from Sao Paolo to Belo Horizonte to cover the daily activities of the Argentinean football team. Fernández was also travelling with two other colleagues, Juan Daniel Berazegueti, 42, and Fernando Javier Bruno, 41, who were not badly hurt. Fernández was a television producer for Torneos y Competencias in Argentina.

On July 9, another Argentinean journalist, Jorge Luis Lopez, 38, was killed as a result of a separate car accident in the city of Sao Paulo. The accident was caused when a group of teenagers had stolen a car which ended up crashing the taxi transporting Lopez.