The International Press Institute (IPI) is proud to host a workshop at the 2017 International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy on how to avoid legal trouble for defamation. The Festival, from April 5 to 9, is one of Europe’s largest media events.

The abuse of defamation and insult laws remains a significant threat to investigative journalism in Europe. In a number of countries, including Italy, powerful figures in politics and business routinely use such laws to silence investigations and criticism.

Journalists can protect themselves with knowledge. The workshop will cover key international principles on freedom of expression and defamation, with a focus on the standards set by the European Court of Human Rights. It will also provide practical advice for working journalists on producing hard-hitting journalism while minimising the risk of legal trouble for defamation, with a particular focus on online media. A limited number of copies of the manual Freedom of Expression, Media Law and Defamation will be made available to participants in both Italian and English.

The workshop will be led by IPI Director of Press Freedom Programmes Scott Griffen, who will deliver a brief overview of relevant international principles on freedom of expression, and Fulvio Sarzana, an Italian lawyer with particular expertise on media, fundamental rights and the Internet. Turkish journalist Emre Kizilkaya will join the workshop to briefly speak about the effect of the abuse of defamation laws on journalism in Turkey.