Radio journalist Jefferson Pureza Lopes was shot dead in Edealina, midwest Brazil on January 17, 2018. Pureza Lopes was home watching television, when two men came in his house and shot him three times in the head. Pureza Lopes was known for his critical coverage on Beira Rio FM, and he had reportedly received threats for at least a couple of years before his death. The radio station he worked for was target for arson attack twice in 2016 and 2017. Police investigated the case, and on April 4, 2018, concluded that the murder was ordered by councilor José Eduardo Alves da Silva, of the Party of the Republic (PR). In addition to Alves da Silva, five others were accused of committing the crime. According to the police, the murder had both political and passionate motivations: in addition to hosting a radio programme critical of local and municipal authorities, Pureza Lopes had a relationship with the councilor’s ex-wife. The councilor and his partners in crime have been arrested since February. They have denied the accusations, but the police is convinced they are responsible for the homicide.