Independent journalism and watchdog reporting in Greece faces challenges from many sides.

In the last few years, the country has experienced the broad-daylight murder of a crime reporter, multiple threats to the safety of journalists, a sprawling surveillance and spyware scandal and numerous vexatious lawsuits and legal threats against media and journalists, with detrimental consequences for Greek democracy.

However, these immediate challenges sit atop deeper historical and systemic issues including a problematic landscape for independent journalism, weak media pluralism, prolonged economic threats to media viability, entrenched capture of private media by powerful families and owners, and low levels of trust in media.

Greece suffers, in short, from media capture.

A new report, published on 30 January, looks in detail at this situation in Greece for the first time, with damming conclusions about the scale of media capture in Greece, and its impact on the country’s democracy.

Guests: Danai Maragoudaki, a journalist at Greek investigative media outlet Solomon, who also works for The Manifold

Producer and Host: Jamie Wiseman, Europe Advocacy Officer at International Press Institute (IPI)

Editor: Javier Luque, Head of Digital Communications at IPI

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