The 2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival will gather leading journalists, editors, and publishers from around the world in Sarajevo from May 22 to 24, 2024. Under the theme “Navigating Crises: Journalism at a Turning Point”, this event will provide a vital space for media professionals, thought leaders, and innovators to explore new solutions, foster understanding, and critically examine the role of the media in addressing the crises of our time.

Since its founding at a moment of global upheaval, the IPI global network has sought to safeguard press freedom and defend independent journalism as key to solving common challenges. Over 70 years later, the IPI World Congress continues to embody this same spirit of understanding and collaboration.

​Today, our world is grappling with an intricate web of crises, and there is a real sense of being at a turning point – or a tipping point. Climate change, economic inequality, war and geopolitical conflict, humanitarian strife, the spread of misinformation, and ​intense polarization threaten global prosperity. Meanwhile, democracy and the rule of law are on the backfoot as an authoritarian wave grows in strength. Against this backdrop, the IPI World Congress will provide a forum for participants to engage in dialogue about the role of media in addressing these crises and chart a path forward.

Meanwhile, the IPI Media Innovation Festival will gather media innovators, local news outlets, and media startups from around the world to tell their stories, network, share, and learn from one another’s successes – and missteps. We’ll address the importance of innovation and why local news is indispensable in times of crisis, news avoidance, revolutions in business models, and more.

We know there are big challenges out there – but we also know that a free, critical, and innovative press can help us navigate them.

Registration for the 2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival is now open here.



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