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Independent media face challenges including low public trust, plummeting ad revenues and the need to adapt fast to a constantly evolving landscape.

IPI and Report for the World have brought together new research, and case studies and insights from our work supporting independent media across the globe, to create a practical resource. We introduced a summary of the Revenue Roadmap at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, and the full report will be published in May 2024.

We’ve looked at all stages of the innovation process, from defining your value proposition – what makes you different and useful to potential audiences – to understand and respond to your audience needs, to developing and testing new ideas, including evaluating what resources you need.

Crucially, we’ve examined how you can make your journalism pay. Revenue diversification means developing multiple sources of income to help your media withstand challenges and changes in your context. The roadmap explores multiple different revenue streams and walks you through how to get started with each of them, so you can choose the method that best suits your organization.

To get started, we’ve published a short summary to introduce you to the steps of the process. It also includes three inspiring case studies of media who found innovative ways to address varied challenges – click here to read it!

In the full roadmap, you’ll learn how to apply these strategies to your media businesses. It includes actionable tips, questions to ask at each stage of the process, and recommendations of best practice.

The full roadmap will be published in May. To receive the report when it goes live, you can click here to sign up to IPI’s media innovation newsletter The Outlook and/or click here to sign up to Report for the World’s regular newsletter.