If it’s all about the readers, why not put them in charge? Through cooperatives or member-based non-profits, journalists and editors are testing the idea. It meshes engagement with contribution, using tools that include vision-setting, story conferencing, comment privileges, and member-only events.

Here’s how the UK’s Bristol Cable, Italy’s L’Ora del Pellice and Khabar Lahariya in India are creating cooperatively-owned news organisations. 

These are some of the organisations that the IPI global network has been talking to that are making the digital  transition work in their community. 

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*  Lucas Batt, Membership Coordinator, The Bristol Cable, UK
Pooja Pande, Head of Strategy, Khabar Lahariya, India
*  Daniele Arghittu, Editor, L’Ora del Pellice, Italy
Jacqui Park, Head of Network Strategy and Innovation, IPI  (moderator)


We launched our report and shared some of the insights together with a few of the big local experiments, from the United States to India, from South Africa to Europe.


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