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Egypt urged to free Al Jazeera journalist tomorrow

The International Press Institute (IPI) today called on Egypt to release an Al Jazeera jou…

Tried in absentia, Egypt journalist can ‘expect anything’

“We were sitting in a coffee shop [in Doha, Qatar], the lawyer and myself, and by chance…

U.N. experts to Egypt: free ‘Rabaa Operations Room’ journalists

A U.N. body of human rights experts has called for the release of nine journalists that Eg…

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IPI General Assembly Resolution 2016: Egypt

Calling on Egypt to free imprisoned journalists, respect constitutional guarantees of free…

Recommendations: Press Freedom and Media Independence in Egypt

Conclusions of 2015 IPI/Al Jazeera Roundtable Series on Egypt's Press Freedom Challenges…

IPI General Assembly Resolution 2014: Egypt

Calling on the Egyptian government to review its use of anti-terrorism laws against journa…

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“How can we protect journalism with dictators in power?”

On the sidelines of the International Press Institute (IPI)’s World Congress last month …

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IPI: Mid-East governments must free journalists, respect free expression

Countries across the Middle East must do more to respect press freedom and free expression…

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