George Abanga, aka George Akwasi Sambo, aka King George, was shot and killed on Sept. 10, 2015 in a rural area of western Ghana. Abanga, 35, was a journalist with Success FM based on Goaso. He also worked for Peace FM, in Ghana’s capital city Accra. Abanga was returning to Goaso from Sankore, where he had been reporting on fertilizer stolen from cocoa farmers in the region, at the time of his death.

Police initially suggested that the death might be an attempted robbery and that Abanga was killed after he was mistaken for a cocoa purchaser who had recently withdrawn money from a local bank. However, Abanga’s motorcycle, wallet and mobile phone were all found at the scene, leading colleagues to say his death was work related. Abanga’s colleagues pointed to his reporting on the fertilizer theft as well as his recent reporting on a regional political struggle.

Ghanian police in September 2015 took into custody a man who confessed to killing Abanga. However, the man’s culpability – and his mental state – were unclear, as the confession was accompanied by a claim that Abanga’s ghost had been haunting him.