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Venezuela court revokes newspaper order

A closure order against Venezuelan weekly newspaper Sexto Poder was revoked yesterday, after a week of domestic and international protest. Pedro Arangúren, a legal representative of staff from the media outlet, told the local press that the journalists would be in charge of the publication from now on, since its director, Leocenis García, is still […]

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Plagued by restrictions and violence, Venezuelan journalists celebrate ‘National Day of Journalism’

Media professionals in Venezuela on Monday celebrated the National Day of Journalism, against the backdrop of serious press freedom concerns, including a lack of access to official sources, violence against journalists and governmental pressure against independent media. Despite the challenges to freedom of the media, participants expressed commitment to independent reporting. “We deserve to celebrate […]

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IPI condemns Venezuelan journalist’s murder

The International Press Institute (IPI) today condemned the murder of Venezuelan journalist and opposition political activist Wilfred Iván Ojeda Peralta, whose handcuffed body was found dumped in a vacant lot with a bullet wound to the head. Ojeda, 56, was a columnist for El Clarín newspaper in the town of La Victoria and an activist […]

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IPI adds name to global coordinating committee of press freedom letter to Venezuelan president

On Monday, 14 June 2010 IPI reported that Venezuelan authorities issued an arrest warrant for Guillermo Zualoga, the owner of Globovisión television station, and his son on charges of conspiracy and usury.  Zualoga and his son were charged with business malpractice, after 24 new Toyota SUVs were found at one of their homes during a […]

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