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Opinion spaces decrease in Venezuela a month after publication is sold

The ink is still fresh on Elides Rojas July 5 column in which he promised that the editorial line at El Universal, one of Venezuela’s oldest publications, would not change as a result of the sale of the newspaper last July. El Universal became the third leading private media company to be sold in Venezuela […]

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Venezuela’s oldest, independent daily sold

“That’s the way it is”, Elides J. Rojas L., El Universal’s managing editor, said in a post on his blog on the publication’s website on Saturday explaining the sale of one of Venezuela’s oldest independent newspapers. Rojas confirmed the sale of the publication last weekend and mentioned that its editorial line will not change as […]

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Journalists remain at risk as protests roil Venezuela

Fifty-two tonnes of newsprint has made its way to Venezuela on a journey that began in Cartagena, Colombia on April 1, and ended, 11 days later in the capital of Caracas. The newsprint was sent from an association of Colombian newspapers wanting to lend a hand to publications heavily affected by a paper shortage. “It’s […]

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Amid protests, IPI urges Venezuela’s government to end media pressure

Venezuela’s government must put a stop to threats made against the media in recent weeks and allow information to flow freely without censorship, the International Press Institute (IPI) said yesterday, joining an international campaign. IPI made the call in a letter sent to Venezuela’s ambassador to Austria, adding its voice to a number of human […]

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