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Thailand’s military government tightens grip on media

The Thai military government’s continued enforcement of strict media laws and restrictions to target critics and independent reporting, and legislative efforts to take greater control over media, are leaving journalists in Thailand with an increasingly narrow space for free expression. Journalists facing arrest and prosecution under the country’s lese-majeste, computer crimes and sedition laws already […]

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A month on, killers of Japanese cameraman in Thailand remain unidentified

Over a month after Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto was killed in clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, officials have yet to identify his killers. “There are many reasons why the government would choose to keep silent, even if they knew [who killed Hiro Muramoto],” the editor of Thailand’s Nation newspaper, Tulsathit Taptim, […]

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Q&A: Dutch journalist Michel Maas talks to IPI about being shot in Thailand clashes

The International Press Institute (IPI) on 26 May called on the government of Thailand to launch as a matter of urgency a full and transparent investigation into the killing and wounding of journalists during violent clashes between ‘Red Shirt’ protestors and the army in April and May of this year. The violence in Thailand claimed the lives […]

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Thai editor gunned down

A prominent local editor, newspaper owner and political organiser was gunned down today on the resort island of Phuket by unknown assailants on a motorbike in what appears to have been a targeted killing. According to local media, Wisut Tangwitthayaporn, owner of the Inside Phuket newspaper and editor of Phuket E-news, was driving with his […]

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