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Uruchomiono nowy fundusz wspierający dziennikarstwo śledcze w UE

English. Międzynarodowy Instytut Prasowy (IPI) wraz z Europejskim Centrum Wolności Prasy i Mediów (ECPMF) uruchamia dziś fundusz wielkości 450 000 EUR w celu wspierania transgranicznego dziennikarstwa śledczego. Fundusz „Investigative Journalism for Europe” (#IJ4EU) ma na celu rozwój i zacieśnianie współpracy pomiędzy dziennikarzami i pokojami prasowymi w Unii Europejskiej w zakresie ujawniania spraw w interesie […]

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‘Memory law’ dominates Poland media issues to start 2018

Auf Deutsch Media issues have taken a backseat in Poland so far this year, eclipsed by political reshuffling and international disputes, centring on a controversial new memory law that has been criticized by Israel and the U.S. Nevertheless, new developments – particularly in relation to the regional press – could be expected as the year […]

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Medienfreiheit in Polen: “Erinnerungsgesetz” Anfang 2018 im Mittelpunkt

Geplante „Medien-Dekonzentration“ vorerst vertagt

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Polish public broadcaster veers from impartial mission

“Opposition with no offer for voters”. “Poles want changes in courts, not protests”. “Total opposition’s total hysteria”. The next day: “Total opposition in total disarray”. And, two days later, “Total opposition totally divided”. These are not the headlines of a marginal right-wing website or, indeed, a satirical show. They are taken from Wiadomości, the main […]

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