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Neuer Fonds zur Unterstützung des investigativen Journalismus in der EU wird aufgelegt

English. Ein Fonds in Höhe von EUR 450.000 zur Unterstützung des grenzüberschreitenden, investigativen Journalismus in der Europäischen Union wird heute vom Internationalen Presse-Institut (IPI) und dem Europäischen Zentrum für Presse- und Medienfreiheit (ECPMF) präsentiert. Der Fonds Investigativer Journalismus für Europa (# IJ4EU) soll die Zusammenarbeit zwischen JournalistInnen und Nachrichtenredaktionen in der Europäischen Union fördern […]

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Despite Danish repeal, blasphemy laws still common in Europe

In voting last month to repeal their country’s centuries-old blasphemy law, Danish lawmakers joined a growing trend in Europe toward securing free speech on matters related to religion. A comprehensive IPI study on criminal defamation and insult laws published in March by the Representative on Freedom of the Media of the Organization for Security and […]

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Can AI in the newsroom help investigative journalism?

“People need some sort of GPS of values” when it comes to “fake news”, Alexandra Borchardt comments. As managing editor of Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s most respected daily newspapers, Borchardt is only too familiar with the concept of false or misleading content. But where others see a phenomenon that is undermining the social fabric, Borchardt […]

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How local media in Ukraine are seizing the opportunity of media reform

Ukraine’s 2015 media reforms transformed the opportunities for journalism. Local news network Rayon and media agency ABO have been charting the way forward by building and engaging local communities, write Ameya Nagarajan and Sasha Schroeder. “Destatization” – a clumsy word but an exciting opportunity. When Ukraine’s lawmakers passed a law removing the dead hand of […]

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