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The Outlook: Building community in politically complex environments

This text comes from IPI’s newsletter The Outlook. Click here to receive future editions directly in your inbox. This is The Outlook, IPI’s media innovation newsletter, where we take a look at strategies and tools for innovation and business development, and learn from newsrooms that are implementing them. This week, we ask how to build community in environments where the process […]

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New Media Incubator: How migrant-focused media Baynana strengthened its newsroom in six months

This article was written by the Baynana team and lightly edited by IPI for length and clarity. Receive regular updates on IPI’s innovation and media sustainability work by subscribing to our newsletter, The Outlook: Media Innovation Unlocked. The journey is challenging for any independent news media outlet striving to provide curated and quality information to its […]

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Serbia: MFRR partners demand Belgrade court set Belarusian journalist free

The undersigned partner organizations of the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) demand the immediate release of Andrey Gniot, a Belarusian journalist and pro-democracy activist who is being held in custody by Serbian authorities on politically motivated charges formulated by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. Since October, Serbian courts have been deliberating upon a request to […]

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IPI condemns Israel’s closure of Al Jazeera

The International Press Institute (IPI), a global network of editors, media executives, and leading journalists, strongly condemns the Israeli government’s decision to shut down Al Jazeera’s operations within the country. Enacted today by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s administration, this act represents a severe infringement on press freedom and a concerning move towards greater censorship in the […]

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