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Estonia: Criminal fines for journalists over public interest reporting send dangerous signal

The Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) partners are concerned about the imposition of fines on two journalists and a news outlet in Estonia after they published information about pre-trial criminal proceedings without seeking permission or informing the prosecutor’s office. On 25 March 2022, journalists Tarmo Vahter and Sulev Vedler published an article in the weekly […]

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Guinea-Bissau: 77 radio stations resume broadcasting after nearly a month off air

The IPI global network welcomes the reopening of 77 radio stations in Guinea-Bissau after the government on April 7 suspended their broadcast licenses for non-payment of license fees. However, we remain concerned by the government’s abrupt intrusion into the country’s radio market, which must be regulated through independent and transparent licensing regimes and processes. We […]

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Albanian ‘Ministry of Propaganda’: Where we are today?

Lines of communication between the Albanian government and the media have long been tenuous. Whoever is in power picks and chooses the media they interact with and feeds them with information to report, whereas those who are out of favour or ask difficult questions often find themselves sidelined. Whether journalists ask spokespersons for comment or […]

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Minority-language media and the digital transition

As part of the NewsSpectrum fellowships programme, IPI is publishing “A Media Call to the Future”, a needs assessment of minority- and regional-language media in digital transition in Europe.   Minority- and regional-language media have long been central to the media ecosystem, particularly across the diverse linguistic landscape of Europe and the European Union. They […]

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