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Aufruf zum Wiederaufbau lokaler Medien nach dem jüngsten Erdbeben in der Türkei

Ein Bericht von IPI-Exekutivdirektor Frane Maroević: Letzte Woche bin ich auf Einladung des türkischen Nationalkomitees des IPI mit dem Vizepräsidenten des IPI-Vorstands, Emre Kizilkaya, und Kollegen in den Südosten der Türkei gereist, um die Solidarität des IPI mit den vom Erdbeben in der Türkei betroffenen Journalisten zu demonstrieren und zu sehen, was die Medien in […]

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Albania: Swift justice needed following deadly attack on Top Channel

Today, 27 March 2023, security guard Pal Kola, 60, was shot dead by unknown assailants on the premises of the leading national TV station Top Channel, where he was stationed in a booth outside the building​​. The heinous attack took place around one o’clock in the morning. State police have since established a dedicated investigative […]

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IJ4EU awards €450,000 to 14 investigative projects

Arms manufacturing, cryptocurrency and European brown bears are just some of the topics set to be tackled by 14 cross-border teams awarded funding under the latest call of IPI’s Investigative Journalism for Europe (IJ4EU) fund. An independent jury allocated a combined €450,000 to journalistic teams applying to IJ4EU’s Investigation Support Scheme, the flagship grant programme […]

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Ecuador: Five letter bombs sent to TV stations and journalists

The IPI global network condemns the recent series of letter-bomb attacks targeting journalists in Ecuador. Authorities in the country must hold those responsible to account and take active steps to protect journalists from violence or any other form of attack on press freedom.  The envelopes were sent from Quinsaloma, Los Ríos province, according to reports. […]

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