Tracking threats to press freedom
in the Visegrád region

Poland / Hungary /
Slovakia / Czech Republic



Feb 26, 2018

Slovak police indicate belief that crime was work-related

Jan 31, 2018

Anti-opposition programming reflects long-standing tradition in Poland of politicising TVP

Jan 17, 2018

‘Disproportionate’ regulatory action risks media self-censorship, IPI warns

Jan 15, 2018

Foreign ownership no guarantee of protection for RTL Klub

Dec 15, 2017

Oligarchs, governments are seeking to subjugate independent voices, panellists warn in Warsaw

Jan 4, 2018

Trend toward oligarchic media ownership in focus ahead of Jan 12 to 13 presidential vote

Nov 27, 2017

Government aiming to “suffocate” Gazeta Wyborcza, paper’s deputy editor tells IPI

Nov 20, 2017

Regional oligarchs and Chinese conglomerate among potential buyers of TV Markiza and tabloid Nový Čas

Nov 16, 2017

Media dependent on public money increasingly seen to act as vessels for pro-government propaganda

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