Tracking threats to press freedom
in the Visegrád region

Poland / Hungary /
Slovakia / Czech Republic



Oct 1, 2018

New IPI report examines newsroom measures for protecting journalists from digital harassment

Sept 24, 2018

Polityka’s Łukasz Lipiński calls “tribal” mentality biggest danger to independent press

Aug 7, 2018

IPI joins letter urging EU to take strong stance against country’s loss of media independence

July 19, 2018

Powerful business interests are buying up media spanning the Czech and Slovak markets

July 5, 2018

Respected liberal-leaning publications denied Culture Ministry funding

May 23, 2018

Antoni Szpak mocked politicians’ relationship to church officials

May 7, 2018

Massive show of strength in Bratislava demanding free media

Apr 25, 2018

Aktuality.sk editor: Ján Kuciak ‘a victim of the war on corruption’

Apr 24, 2018

Former Magyar Nemzet deputy editor: Independent media should prepare for ‘worst-case scenario’

Apr 12, 2018

Concerns about politically charged leadership look well-founded amid resignations, protests

Apr 9, 2018

Amid attacks on public television and radio, outcome rests with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš

Apr 3, 2018

Experts fear targeting of key independent outlets following April 8 vote

Mar 27, 2018

Czech, Hungarian leaders continue efforts to portray press as enemy

Mar 22, 2018

Journalist murders in Slovakia, Malta spark serious questions about safety of investigative journalists in EU

Mar 19, 2018

Lukáš Milan also banned from practicing journalism over article on alleged corruption

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