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Albania: Swift justice needed following deadly attack on Top Channel

Today, 27 March 2023, security guard Pal Kola, 60, was shot dead by unknown assailants on …

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Arms manufacturing, cryptocurrency and European brown bears are just some of the topics se…

Ecuador: Five letter bombs sent to TV stations and journalists

The IPI global network condemns the recent series of letter-bomb attacks targeting journal…

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New voices, new tools: how Brazil’s media are emerging from the Bolsanaro shadow...

Turning to data, diversity and democratizing access, new voices in Brazil are pushing back…

IPI Activity Report 2019/20

This report highlights the work IPI has carried out throughout 2019 and the first half of …

Report: Hungary dismantles media freedom and pluralism

This report reflects the initial findings of the joint mission to Hungary carried out by t…

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