“It’s my life and it’s my job”

Jailed for his passion for photography, #Shawkan has been imprisoned in #Egypt since 2013. I call on Egyptian authorities to #FreeShawkan and all other journalists behind bars! #PressEgypt #JournalismIsNotACrime

Egypt’s Shawkan: Jailed for taking photographs

In December 2015, a letter Shawkan wrote was smuggled out of prison. In it, he says that Egypt has lost the meaning of the word “fairness” and that the situation had made him feel “full of hopelessness”.

In a different letter, he referenced his Egyptian citizenship as a factor in his never-ending pre-trial detention. Two foreign journalists, Mike Giglio and Louis Jammes, were working together with Shawkan on the day of the Rabaa Square dispersal. All three were arrested and taken to the stadium together. While both Giglio and Jammes were interrogated, they were freed after several hours. Shawkan remains in prison.

“The problem is that I am Egyptian, just an Egyptian journalist”, he wrote in the letter.

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Some two dozen journalists are behind bars in Egypt. #PressEgypt is IPI’s campaign for their release.

Join our call and help press Egypt to ensure all of the country’s journalists can do their jobs freely and without fear

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