The Nigerian military has released two Al Jazeera journalists it had confined to a hotel in northeastern Nigeria for over a week, Al Jazeera confirmed in a statement. The network indicated that the two men, Ahmed Idris and Ali Mustapha, had returned to its bureau in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

The pair was reportedly freed in the early hours of Saturday, March 4th. Prior to the journalists’ release, a Lagos-based human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, had filed suit on their behalf against the Nigerian military for violation of their right to personal liberty.

“We’re pleased for Ahmed and Ali that their ordeal is over,” Salah Negm, director of news for Al Jazeera English, said in the statement. “They’re looking forward to spending some time with their families and loved ones. I know that both of them want to thank everyone that helped secure their release, including NGOs, politicians and fellow journalists.”