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Compromised independence of Turkey’s institutions chokes press freedom

Turkey’s press freedom crisis is worsening amid growing state capture of media, the lack of independence of regulatory institutions, and a new social media law designed to clamp down on the remaining spaces for free comment, a coalition of 11 international press freedom, journalism and human rights groups warned following a four-day mission to the […]

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Czech critical media denied access to online press conferences during Covid-19

The International Press Institute (IPI) today joined with its Czech National Committee to call on the government in Prague to redesign its system for online press conferences during Covid-19 to ensure critical media outlets are given fair access for questioning government representatives. In the letter, sent today to Tünde Bartha, who manages the Office of […]

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As pandemic grows, Slovak media struggle to fight the infodemic

Slovak mainstream media have stood at the forefront of public education about the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic this year. With disinformation campaigns growing and pandemic getting worse, however, the media also face new challenges in their quest of protecting the truth. On September 27, a few weeks after the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic […]

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Periodistas venezolanos luchan por informar críticamente en medio de censura y hostigamiento legal

Read in English Venezuela se encuentra en medio de una de las peores crisis económicas del mundo moderno. Muy pocos tienen los recursos para permanecer en un país caracterizado por hiperinflación y escasez. Al menos 5.1 millones de los venezolanos, o diez por ciento de la población, han emigrado. El desplome del estándar de vida, […]

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