Local, public interest journalism serves its community and society with critical information and reporting that empowers citizens to vote, brings community together and reduces polarization, informs about public health concerns and much more. Hear from local news entrepreneurs who are pursuing new strategies for financial sustainability and doubling down on their quality journalism to reach and engage with diverse audience segments ensuring they are indispensable to their communities.

M) Saorla McCabe
Advisor for Communication and Information Strategy, UNESCO, France

Admir Gjoni
IT specialist, digital content administrator, and project manager, Portal Ul-info, Montenegro

Lera Lauda
Head, ABO Local Media Development Agency, Ukraine

Izabela Moi
Co-Founder and CEO, Agencia Mural, Brazil

Viktor Pichuhin
Journalist and research and development director, Nakypilo Mediagroup, Ukraine

Albina Vicković
Executive Director for Development and Innovation, RTV Slon, BiH

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