Swedish freelance reporter Kim Wall disappeared on Aug. 10, 2017 while researching a story on Danish inventor Peter Madsen after she went out to sea with Madsen on his 17-metre homemade submarine. On Aug. 21, 2017, her headless torso washed ashore in Copenhagen. Madsen, who was rescued from waters between Denmark and Sweden on Aug. 11 when the submarine sank, initially told investigators that he previously had dropped Wall off on shore. He later said she died in an “accident” and that he buried her at sea, denying that he killed Wall or dismembered her body. Police said that Wall’s blood was found in the recovered submarine and Madsen later acknowledged dismembering Wall’s body, saying first that she died after suffering a head injury from being hit by a heavy hatch and then later claiming that Wall died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Police, however, recovered Walls dismembered body and said that Wall suffered 14 stab wounds in and around the genitals, suggesting a sexual motive.