João Miranda do Carmo, owner of the outspoken news website SAD Sem Censura in Santo Antônio do Descoberto in the central Brazilian state of Goiás, was shot 13 times and killed outside his home on July 24, 2016. The journalist criticised local politicians and reported on drug dealers and other criminals, and his family said he had received multiple threats over a six-month period.

Authorities indicated that they believed the murder was related to do Carmo’s journalistic work. Three days after his death, police detained Douglas Ferreira de Morais, head of security at the town’s city hall, in connection with the murder. In one of do Carmo’s final articles, he reported the arrest of one of de Morais’ sons. On Aug. 26, police also arrested Rooney da Silva Morais, 22, another one of de Morais’ sons.