On 10 November 2022, the Journalists’ Association of Serbia (UNS) published a statement asking that journalist Aljosa Milenkovic (reporter for the Chinese-English language TV CGTN)’s name be removed from the Ukrainian site “Myrotvorets”. Myrotvorets is a free access website on which supposedly “pro-Russia” and “enemies of Ukraine” public figures’ personal information are listed. It was created on 7 May 2016 and is independent and non-governmental. Several other journalists are mentioned on the website, and tens of thousands of people have their names on files on the site’s blacklist, with the main information being their name, age and profession. The website, if not calling directly for the execution of the people listed, is often qualified as a “Kill List”. People who are no longer alive have their pictures adorned with a red cross and the word “liquidated”. Myrotvorets claims that the reason for listing people are “political” and it exists to list the people who “protect the Russian narrative”, and public figures who seem too close to having “pro-Russian” ideas. The source of the website and the people behind its creation and maintenance is unknown.

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Europe: Ukraine
Verbal, online or physical attack: Online intimidation or smear