“People need some sort of GPS of values” when it comes to “fake news”, Alexandra Borchardt comments. As managing editor of Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s most respected daily newspapers, Borchardt is only too familiar with the concept of false or misleading content. But where others see a phenomenon that is undermining the social fabric, Borchardt says there is  an opportunity for quality media outlets to flourish by offering the precise opposite.

“People need to know who they can turn to when they are looking for the truth,” she explains.

Borchardt was a speaker at IPI’s 2017 World Congress in Hamburg in May, sharing her perspective during the Town Hall debate on “Building the Journalism we Need!” that kicked off the Congress.

Speaking with IPI, she said the future of quality journalism depends upon the pursuit of new business models and more investment in technology. She also explained how  developments in the field of artificial intelligence will eventually free up resources to carry out more in-depth investigative journalism.