Abdul Hakim Shimul, a local correspondent for the Bangla-language daily Samakal, was shot on Feb. 2, 2017 while covering clashes between factions of the ruling Awami League (AL) party in the municipality of Shahjadpur, northwest of the capital Dhaka. Local Mayor Halimul Haque Miru reportedly opened fire on a crowd during the clashes, wounding Shimul. The journalist was taken to one hospital, but died while being transported to another.

Miru was arrested for the shooting, but it was not immediately whether Shimul was targeted; some witnesses reportedly claimed that Miru fired specifically on the journalist after noting that Shimul had recorded the mayor’s previous shots into the crowd. Miru reportedly told authorities that he only fired after being fired upon by others, but police said Miru’s gun was the only one fired in the clash. As of October 2017, Miru was awaiting trial on murder charges.