Imagine a world without investigative journalism. Where would we stand today without the Watergate investigation, the Pentagon Papers, the Afghan War Diaries, the Panama Papers – and all other stories that hold those in power to account? Democracies need journalists who uncover the news that others would prefer to be kept secret.

The International Press Institute (IPI) is excited to be a partner in the UNCOVERED conference, which will assess the challenges that investigative journalism faces in Europe today and the conditions – political, legal, and financial – that are necessary for investigative journalism to flourish. Find out why investigative journalism is in everyone’s interest – and how we can protect it in a climate where economic needs and political interference are the new normal.

We invite you to join us at the UNCOVERED conference, participate in a workshop on digital security, network with practitioners and politicians, and learn about the impressive investigations funded by the inaugural IJ4EU fund, which supports cross-border investigative journalism in Europe.