The objective of the seminar “Migration processes and minorities: New challenges for journalism” (Procesos migratorios y minorías: El periodismo ante los nuevos retos), according to the organisers, is “to reflect upon and debate the role of the media in covering migrant movements that, due to wars and impoverishment caused by a political-economic model unable to universalise the rights it advocates, have grown since the end of the 20th century”.

Organised by EMA-RTV (Association of Municipal and Community Radio and Television Broadcasters if Andalusia), the event aims to generate keys to transforming, rethinking and recovering the role that the media can play in society. While geared toward professional journalists, the event is also open to the public.

This seminar is part of the project “Respect Words”, coordinated by EMA-RTV and including the Greek public broadcaster EPT, Radio Dreyeckland (Germany), Near FM (Ireland), Radio Popolare (Italy), Radio Student (Slovenia), Civil Radio (Hungary) and the International Press Institute.

Respect Words will also see the production of a set of ethical guidelines for journalists covering migration and minorities as well as a radio campaign aiming to put the guidelines into practice.