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Greece: Press Freedom and Defamation Laws in a Time of Crisis

“Greece: Press Freedom and Defamation Laws in a Time of Crisis” offers a general overview of the legal provisions related to defamation and insult in Greece and how these provisions may affect the work of the media. While focusing overall on the question of defamation and freedom of expression, the briefing also touches on other, […]

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Freedom of Expression, Media Law and Defamation

A Reference and Training Manual for Europe

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Out of Balance: Defamation Law in the EU

“Out of Balance” presents an authoritative analysis of criminal defamation and insult laws in the EU. It reveals that just five out of 28 EU member states have repealed general criminal defamation and insult laws, despite broad international consensus among legal experts and press freedom advocates that criminal punishments for defamation represent a disproportionate restriction on free […]

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