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Q&A: Pakistan’s Cyber Crime Bill and ‘electronic martial law’

A bill before lawmakers in Pakistan to prevent online crime in Pakistan has raised deep concern both in the country and abroad, with critics in the country’s political opposition and civil society accusing the proposal’s supporters of seeking to impose “electronic martial law”. Local observers claim that the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, commonly […]

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IPI: 2015 one of deadliest years on record for journalists

The year 2015 was one of the deadliest on record for journalists around the world, the International Press Institute (IPI) said today, with 108* journalists believed to have died as a direct result of their job and 36 more killed under circumstances that remain murky. IPI added 108 names from 2015 to its Death Watch, […]

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Murder of Pakistani journalist highlights impunity again

The murder of yet another journalist in Pakistan this week because of his journalistic work once again raises the issue of journalists’ safety and the importance of ending the impunity both in that country and worldwide. Senior journalist Zaman Mehsud of Tank District in Pakistan’s northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was gunned down on Tuesday, one […]

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IPI marks drop in journalists’ deaths – 100 lost in 2014

At least 100* journalists lost their lives in connection with their profession this year, the International Press Institute (IPI) said today, a drop from recent years but a tally that still made 2014 one of the most deadly on record. Some 89 of the names recorded on IPI’s Death Watch this year appeared to have been […]

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